2D Drawings – AutoCAD & Solidworks

Control Panel Fabrication Drawings

Safety Panel – Complete Package – 44 Drawings for local electrical & instrumentation services provider

Various Drawings: 120VAC Power Terminals, 24VDC Power Terminal Distribution, DELTA V Power Architecture, PROFI-BUS Schematic, Analog Input, Discrete Input,  A/B PLC Architecture, Control Panel, PLC Layout, BOM, Marshalling Plates, Nametag Schedule, & Terminal Strip Details.

This projects also required gathering vendor documentation for customer data books and “red-line” changes during project.

Generator Skid

Measure and create working drawings from “as built” parts.

This project involved approximately 20 parts and brackets.  Radiator Brackets, Radiator Shroud, Vibration Safety High Bracket and Muffler Bracket shown.  

These drawings were prepared from a Solidworks assembly using Solidworks weldments.  All measurements were taken from “as-built” parts on site .


Mooring Spooler

Measure and create structural drawings from “as-built” spooler.

Orientation Views, Front View, Top View, Right Side View, Left Side View, Rear View, Sections and Details.  This spooler was measured in the yard.  Then the drawings were produced for documentation and further manufacturing of additional spoolers.